Rhinoplasty before and after photo

This image gallery is not a catalogue of noses from which to choose your favorite or the one you find most suitable. Neither does it represents a collection of my best results. It is a number of examples of what in my opinion is the result to be achieved after a rhinoplasty: a natural nose that fits the person improving the appearance without altering the physiognomy.
Each surgeon has his own"style" and it is probably based on this personal style that the surgeon is chosen by the patient. In this gallery of images before and after you will find my typical aesthetic result. Moreover, in many of these patients I also performed in the same operation the correction of severe breathing problems, which obviously cannot be appreciated in photography.
Each case is presented in at least three projections: front, side and 3/4. Also the most interesting cases, whenever possible, will be shown in video.
This is because nothing is better then moving images that show, without altering anything, the real change obtained.
My heartfelt thanks go to my patients who have agreed to make available to others their images, in order to share their experience with those who are in similar situations.