Additive mentoplasty: when to have it done

A harmonious profile

A chin that is clearly defined and projects to just the right degree makes a crucial contribution to the overall balance of the face as a whole. A small, receding or over-prominent chin can make the nose look bigger than it really is. Those with protruding noses sometimes focus their attention solely on this feature without taking into consideration the fact that other factors such as chin can disturb the balance of elements that makes a face harmonious and attractive. This is why the surgeon specializing in nasal surgery is often the first to suggest that a change in the shape or size of the chin can improve the profile just as much as rhinoplasty. It is indeed by no means uncommon for a surgeon to realize during the preliminary examination for rhinoplasty that augmentation of the chin is also needed in order to harmonize the features and hence to suggest this to the patient.

The operation of additive mentoplasty

In order to enhance the shape and projection of the chin, an incision is made inside the mouth in the anterior gingival arch and the tissue is gently separated so as to create a space for the implant. Implants are made of synthetic biocompatible materials, generally silicone or Gore-Tex, and come in different shapes and sizes. Having previously decided with the patient on the most suitable implant for that particular case, the surgeon carries out a further check by inserting different trial implants in succession and thus making sure that the choice is the right one. When the test proves satisfactory, the definitive implant is inserted. The wound is then closed with absorbable sutures that will come out by themselves with no need for removal. The entire operation generally takes no more than 30 minutes.

The implant is positioned in direct contact with the jawbone, to which it remains attached, and proves undetectable even by touch.







After the operation

Paper plasters are applied for compression and stabilization to the chin and jaw for seven days, after which they are removed. It is necessary to take care in chewing so that no food ends up on the wound, and preferable to live on liquid or soft foods for a few days. The chin and lower jaw will be somewhat swollen and take about six weeks to settle into their definitive shape. The patient can resume normal activities after about 10 days.

Rhinoplasty + mentoplasty in a single operation. The profile is far more harmonious than it would have been in the case of rhinoplasty alone.

Rhinoplasty + additive mentoplasty together with liposuction beneath the chin.

Rhinoplasty + mentoplasty